With warm weather comes many exciting opportunities outdoor gardening, barbecues, and beach days. However, summers also bring some unwanted things bees and wasps. Summer is the peak activity time for such stinging insects. As families go out in droves, they need to be on guard and aware to protect themselves against encounters with bees and wasps. Bees and wasps can become a real issue when they hive upon properties or establish nests on or near them. Since bees and wasps not only can be trouble but can also pose danger, here is a guide to help you with bee and wasp removal.

Best Bee and Wasp Removal Methods


If a bee and wasp repellent is your first option, setting out a trap is an ancient method that is effective and inexpensive. Such traps work by enticing the bees or wasps with an attractive substance, such as sugar water, and stopping them from making their way back outside. Such a trap can be made at home with a plastic bottle or can also be bought online or from a local store. 

Essential Oils

You can also use essential oils for effective and safe bee and wasp control. Peppermint oil is a natural repellant that can help in Pest Control Melbourne . You can also use a mix of lemongrass, clove, and geranium essential oils for natural pest control. To use them efficiently, mix several drops of these essential oils with some dish soap and water. Add the mix to a spray bottle. Spray the mix on the exterior of your house where bees and wasps are likely to build nests. 

Patch Up Cracks and Make Repairs 

What is worse than bees and wasps in your yard or exterior area is discovering them in your house. According to pest control experts, the best method to keep the pests out of your property is to stop them from entering it initially. You can do so by sealing small cracks in your house using a waterproof caulk and repairing the holes in every window screen. This bee removal Melbourne method is efficient during winters or at the start of spring when bees and wasps become highly active. For additional protection, you may make your own wasp removal Melbourne repellent with essential oils, or water and soap to spray where bees and wasps nest. 

Insects-Repelling Plants 

Do you know there are a few plants that repel wasps and bees naturally? If you plant eucalyptus, thyme, or citronella in your yard, bees and wasps will be less likely to stay in that area. The plants will not only help repel wasps, but they also add beauty to the yard. 

Water and Soap

If you don’t wish to spend lots of money on Bee and Wasp Removal, you can repel them effectively with a couple of substances that you have in your house already water and soap. This combination makes a wasp and bee repellent that can clog the breathing pores of bees and wasps and make them perish almost immediately. In a bottle full of water, add two spoons of dishwashing soap and spray around and at any bee or wasp nests you see. 

Properly Dispose Of Waste 

If you are experiencing bee or wasp problems already, having accessible food and water can worsen it.  Ensure to never dispose of waste in the yard. Make it a point to seal the exterior waste bin tightly. Moreover, if you have composite piles causing pest issues, you should consider composting inside. 


Vinegar is known to be a versatile substance used for baking, cooking, cleaning, and weed control. You can also use it for bee and wasp control. Vinegar attracts them and can even kill them. When mixed with water, it makes an effective solution that attracts wasps and bees. Make a mixture of apple cider vinegar, water, and sugar in a bowl. Mix well and leave it near their nest. It will make them drown. 

Aerial Nests 

This bee removal Melbourne method is riskier than others. However, it is efficient for bees and wasps’ issues that need instant attention. For complete wasp removal Melbourne, you can use aerial nests to cover their nest and efficiently trap them. You can then put their nest in a water bucket. Bees and wasps will drown inside without harming you. However, you need to be very careful with this method. If you are unable to contain the bees and wasps, they can sting you.

Preventing and controlling bee and wasp infestation is a vital part of having a comfortable and safe living environment. With the above tips and techniques, you can control and prevent bee and wasp infestation. In case you have tried all the above methods and none of them is working, you can contact professional bee and wasp control or pest control Melbourne service providers to help you get rid of them professionally.

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