Spotting cockroaches in your house can make the skin crawl however, catching one is far worse. The little pests are not just critters who cause nightmares. Cockroaches can cause serious issues when they are located on a commercial or residential property. Usually, these nocturnal creatures remain out of sight, but they leave some clues behind while creeping into your business or home. If you think that you may have a roach infestation, below are the top signs and what should you do about it. We will also find out how professional cockroach pest control services can help you in this blog.

The Dangers of Cockroach Infestations

Cockroaches are known to be harbingers of pathogens and diseases. Their shed feces and exoskeletons can activate asthma in healthy people. A cockroach infestation can really be unhealthy for those housebound people. Moreover, cockroaches leave behind bad smells and stains when they breed, feed, and run on a property. When they come in contact with food, people can develop symptoms like food poisoning that can become serious enough to demand a hospital visit. 

Roach urine and feces can damage and destroy houses and things inside them. When left unchecked, a roach infestation may destroy furniture, rot wooden floors, and spread to clothes and mattresses. Cockroaches lay their eggs in warm and safe places, such as bedding and furniture. It can pose hazards to occupants of the house and disgust them for a lifetime. 

How To Know If You Have A Cockroach Infestation And You Need Cockroach Pest Control? 

An obvious sign of a roach infestation is spotting a live cockroach. But, some other clues show that these creatures are there in your house: 


Finding droppings of a cockroach in the house can be a real sign of a roach infestation. The small and black specks resemble black pepper and coffee grounds. Larger cockroaches can produce cylindrical droppings. You will find cockroach droppings in places where cockroaches live such as bathrooms, kitchens, and basements. The amount of roach droppings in your house is a sign of their population size. Click here to know about Top Cockroaches Facts and Myths.

Seeing Roaches During the Day

These nocturnal creatures are usually active at night. Spotting them during the day means that you are dealing with some serious infestation and need cockroach pest control. They may be out in the day when their nest becomes packed. They will need more food sources, resulting in them seeking food all through the day. 

Unpleasant Odor

If roaches are not bad enough, they create unpleasant odors too. A larger infestation produces more intense scents. It is described as a musty odor. If cockroaches find a nice place to nest, roaches release chemicals to draw other cockroaches. Droppings of cockroaches can also leave an unpleasant odor behind. 

Egg Cases

Female cockroaches lay egg cases that are oval-shaped. They are found in furniture, cabinets, and other areas. They differ in color and length based on species. But, all of them are different shades of brown. When you spot such cases, it means that cockroaches are reproducing. 

Physical Sightings of Cockroaches

While spotting a live cockroach is a warning signal, you should remain alert for even dead cockroaches. Spotting them can be a signal of infestation. You can also find the skin of cockroaches. Roach nymphs molt many times before they become adults. In this procedure, they shed their skin. The skin is found in areas where they like to hide. 

If you have any of the above signs, it is a great time to contact the local pest control services Melbourne provider. These experts can come and deal with the infestation promptly. Using the latest technology and treatment, they can handle any problems efficiently and quickly. Where the cockroach infestation is will depend on the cockroach species that has invaded the house and the conditions that your house offers. Some roaches live in cool climates, whereas others live in warmer ones. The pest control specialist will identify and suggest the cockroach treatment based on different conditions. 

Preventing and Treating Roach Infestation

Prevention is the key to avoiding cockroach infestation. Below are a few measures you may take:

Seal Entry Points

Examine your property thoroughly for cracks or gaps that roaches can use to enter the property. Seal those with caulks or other materials to avoid their access. 

Maintain Cleanliness 

Cleaning the house or office regularly and paying attention to major areas where you cook or consume food can help prevent cockroach infestation. Clean up spills, dispose of garbage, and store food items in airtight boxes. 


Minimize clutter inside your home or office to eliminate potential cockroach hiding places. Keep the storage areas clean and organized. 

Reduce Moisture 

Cockroaches get attracted to moisture. Fix any water accumulation sources or leaks, like plumbing problems or dripping faucets. 

Professional Pest Control 

It is recommended that you get help from professional cockroach treatment providers if you confirm or suspect a cockroach infestation. They have the tools and expertise to evaluate the situation and apply suitable treatments to get rid of the infestation efficiently. 

Knowing the signs of cockroach infestation and where they hide commonly is vital for quick decision and control. By practicing different preventive measures and getting professional help when required, you will guarantee a roach-free environment and safeguard your residential or commercial property from those resilient pests. 

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