Rodents are known to carry various diseases. Such diseases can spread directly to people through rodent handling, contact with rodent urine, feces, rodent bite, or saliva (like eating food contaminated with rodent’s waste or breathing in air). Rodents also carry mites, ticks, or fleas that act as vectors that spread diseases between people and rodents. Rodent infestation in your house can be the main reason why diseases spread from rodents. The best method to avoid a rodent invasion and contact with them is to remove water, food sources, and other items that offer shelter for rodents. Even after doing so, if you find a rodent infestation in your home, it is time to call a Pest control Melbourne service provider. 

Getting Rid of Rodents Without Professional Rodent Control Melbourne 

Are you thinking about how to eliminate rodents yourself? It is possible; however, you need to stay watchful to make sure that they do not creep back inside after you let the guard down. Below are some great methods to keep rodents away: 

Get A Cat

Everybody knows that rodents and cats are sworn enemies. This fact can be useful when you want to get rid of rodents. Getting a cat in your house cannot just help assuage a present rodent issue, but it is an excellent method to prevent potential rodent infestation too. 

Set Traps

Don’t underestimate the helpfulness of an old rodent trap if you want to get rid of a rodent. Such traps work best if you’ve got an idea about where the rodents are living, possibly you have seen rodent droppings in your cabinet or along your baseboards. To start with, put the traps there. Rodents don’t travel too far, therefore, if you are seeing indications of rodents, there is a possibility that is where they are hanging out. Though it is good to keep the trap in general areas, it is also great to keep changing their location after every few days. The most common rodent traps include:

  • Snap traps 
  • Electric Traps 
  • Sticky Traps 

Use A Bait Station

Professional Rodent Control Melbourne service providers use a bait station along with traps to get rid of rodents. Bait stations are plastic, enclosed boxes that have rodent killers inside them. This poison is covered to be secure for pets and kids; however, it is very efficient at killing rodents. 

Use Essential Oils 

Do you want a natural way to get rid of rodents? Nothing can be better than essential oils. Strongly scented, pungent oils like peppermint, eucalyptus, and tea tree are the best options. The menthol smell can cover up the pheromone trail that rodents navigate and irritate their noses. Mix around 10 drops of any essential oil with one cup of water. Spray this mix along door jams and baseboards. To get maximum effectiveness, this technique can be used together with any other method, such as setting up raps for rodents. 

Tips To Control Rodent Infestation 

You must take steps to decrease rodent attraction to your home. Below are some essential tips that will help you in rodent control and home pest control services

  • Reduce or eliminate the pest entry points. Seal any holes or gaps that will allow them to enter your house and fix any damaged door screens, windows, or vents.
  • Learn about the signs that indicate rodent presence. You should be aware of any signs of rodent infestations, like droppings, chew marks, nesting material, or rub marks. Share your findings with the home pest control
  • Cover all bins or trash containers. Both exterior and interior garbage bins must be sealed tightly and free from surrounding debris. 
  • Make sanitation your priority. Clean up crumbs or spills instantly and seal any leftover food items securely. 
  • Be careful of rodent pathways. They may run along electric cables and wires, and watch for footprints, droppings, sebum marks, or drag marks. 
  • Rodent control services companies recommend to remove all clutter. Cluttered, unorganized spaces such as stockrooms can let rodents nest and travel while going unnoticed. 
  • Keep vegetation under control. Trim any vines, trees, or bushes that sit close to your property. Rodents use them as gateways to homes. 
  • Inspect all incoming products for signs of rodent activities. Never accept infested deliveries. 
  • Partner with your rodent control services specialist. Communicating any concerns or findings with the rodent control Melbourne experts will let them offer the most efficient solutions and plans for you. 

Get Pest Control Done Regularly

Rodent pest issue is year-round occurrences. Being active about rodent pest issues can enhance the quality of your life. Contact rodent control Melbourne specialists to get the rodents out of your house. A professional rodent control services provider can also help establish an efficient pest barrier in and around your house.  

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