Termites are small pests that may cause lots of damage to your house. Since ignoring them is not an option, the next step is getting a termite inspection. If you think that there is a termite infestation on your property, you should call an expert as quickly as possible. Once termites arrive on your property, you cannot do much to make them leave. Mostly, it takes professional termite inspections Melbourne and the extermination process to take them out. Only a termite inspection can be your silver bullet. Getting an inspection will let you make a preemptive strike. In this blog, let’s look at everything you should know about termite inspection.

Termite Inspections Melbourne An Introduction 

A termite inspection Melbourne is just what it sounds to be. It is an investigation to find out if termites are there in or around a property. This inspection is not a work for DIYers – it’s best done by the experts. Essential things that the termite inspectors will look for in an inspection are: 

  • Wood sounding hollow while knocking it
  • Indentation in doors, windows, drywall, and wall-facing 
  • Termite excrement
  • Actual termites
  • Tiny mud tubes

Signs You Require a Termite Inspection 

Below are the signs that you need a termite inspection from the professionals: 

  • Pinholes in drywall 
  • Mud Tubes 
  • Live termites in or around the house’s structure 
  • Drywall discoloration 
  • Squeaky floorboards 
  • Shed termite wings 
  • Visibly damaged wood
  • Termite droppings 

If you see any of these termite infestation signs and can’t explain their cause, you should schedule a professional pest inspection to get professional termite treatment Melbourne. An expert pest control company can investigate every sign of termite action to confirm its cause and recommend the best treatment plan. 

Important Areas To Inspect For A Termite Inspection

Except for your garage, crawl space, and attics, there are many other vital places to closely evaluate during a termite inspection: 

Wood Fences

In case termites reach wood fencing, they will begin munching it and follow the trail in your house. 

Wooden Structures

Exterior wooden structures, such as a shed, deck, arbor, or carport, can all be susceptible to termites. Be extra careful if you have not used termite-resistant products while constructing your property. 


You might have a stack of firewood for cozy nights. However, these piles are the making of termite feasts. You can keep firewood, just ensure to elevate it from the ground. Ensure to keep it not closer than 15 feet from your home. 


Leaving fallen tree branches inside your yard is like welcoming termites in the house. Dispose of them to keep your home safe. 


Cracks in brick construction and expansion joints are a common entryway for termites. 

What Termites Inspectors Generally Look For?

Small termites can lead to large property damages. The signs of termite presence may be hard to notice. If you suspect termite presence in your house, contacting a professional termite inspector is necessary before the termite infestation causes harmful damages to your house’s support beams, floors, wall studs, posts, floor joints, roof supports, and ceiling joints. A termite inspection will look for the following during a termite inspection: 

Wood Damage 

Termites can damage eh structure joints of wood severely. So, if a wooden piece sounds hollow when you knock it, it’s a telltale sign of a termite infestation. Another excellent way to find wood damage is using a screwdriver to find any tunnels created by termites. 

Mud Tubes 

Mud tubes present on the exterior and interior of wooden beams or walls are a prominent sign of a termite infestation. Termites can make mud tubes for many reasons. They are made of soil and wood, which connect them, save them from dehydration, and protect them from predators. 


Sights of frass is a quick sign that you’ve a termite issue. Frass refers to small, granular pellets shapes like ovals. You will often find it in baseboards, windowsills, and door frames. 

Evidence of Swarms 

If the weather gets warmer, termites create new colonies. In case you see a swarm of termites, around your home’s exterior or in the soil, you may expect a termite infestation. Another sign is discarded wings from the swarmer. 

Termite Sighting

Though termites are hard to see as they are tiny creatures, you can spot on in the home. As every termite looks different, pose different risks, and enjoy different environment, it is vital to find out what other important signs you should look for when you see one. 

Calling In Experts

If you want to get a termite control done, you may wish to call the best termite inspection company. With highly trained technicians and great expertise, they can offer the best inspection service. They can perform a thorough inspection of the cervix and cracks along with common entry points. If they find termites in the house, they will provide you with a termite treatment Melbourne plan and a thorough written report.

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