Finding a cockroach in your house is unpleasant always. And with the changing weather, you might have seen a couple of them scurrying into your house. The diseases they carry and the dirt they bring are enough reasons to hate them. Moreover, they scurry through your home finding food and contaminating surfaces.


Cockroaches are nothing more than filthy, disease-carrying pests that should be removed from your houses. If they have invaded your house successfully, it is good to get Cockroach pest control done immediately by the experts. Here are the top 10 cockroach facts and myths that you should know.


Fact: Cockroaches can Live without their head

Yes, a cockroach can live without its head for more than a week. It does not need its mouth to breathe. A cockroach breathes through spiracles, located on every segment of their body. They do not even need too much food to live. Their body uses whatever it had stored up previously.


Fact: Cockroaches can cause allergies and diseases 

These pesky insects carry diseases and can cause allergies. They live in the garbage, in sewers, and under wood piles. They eat anything, dead, alive, or rotting. A favorite meal of cockroaches is a rotting rodent under the filth. So, they are one of the key disease spreaders. If you think that cockroaches have been chewing your food, toss it out instantly!


Fact: Cockroaches Can Fly

Due to this fact, you generally keep the bug spray with you. Some adult cockroaches have wings and they can fly to a limited distance. It is similar to a hop-glide from the ground but quite frightening. Moreover, cockroaches walk very fast at a speed of 3mph. They count on their fast legs.


Fact: Cockroaches Thrive in Humid and Warm Climates 

Most species of cockroaches prefer humid and warm locations. But, these pesky creatures can survive in below-freezing temperatures too. When it gets too cold, they enter homes to seek shelter in the basements, kitchens, or bathrooms.


Fact: Cockroaches Bite 

Cockroaches are omnivorous creatures. It means that they will and can eat anything that they come across, even human beings. However, do not get worried. Just remember how big their mouth is. Small bug, small mouth. Only a few species of cockroaches can break the human skin. Usually, cockroaches eat only rotten things or things that have been sitting for a long time. And in case, it bites you, it is doubtful that you will know or feel it.


Myth: All Cockroaches Are Bad 

While cockroaches are not good, all are not bad. There are thousands of species of cockroaches; however, only one percent is considered as pest. This means only 30 types of cockroaches are bad. The bad guys include German, American, brown-banded, and oriental cockroaches.


Myth: Cockroaches live in dirty Houses only 

Regardless of how clean your house is, if your house has prepared or stored food, it’ll be on the interest list of cockroaches. Cockroaches do not care how clean your house is, provided that they find food in it. Cockroaches often enter via the walls of a house and grasp food pieces that you have no idea about. For example, do you remember the last time you cleaned your refrigerator or stove? These are places we do not think of often. Even if we do, there are small tidbits of food that fall between cabinets or under appliances. And cockroaches can easily find their way to them.


Myth: Cockroaches can survive a nuclear explosion 

In case of a nuclear bomb explosion, you will be happy to find out that cockroaches will not survive. Cockroaches are resilient to various things; however, not to a nuclear explosion. It is just that they will live a little longer than human beings. Eventually, they will die.


Myth: Light causes pain in cockroaches 

A cockroach is a small creature. They know that their predators walk out during daytime, such as humans, birds, and reptiles. Light represents a danger to them. So, they are nocturnal primarily. If cockroaches are visible, they are apt to face the shoe or be killed. When light appears, it is their signal to stay safe.


Myth: Cockroaches live for decades 

Cockroaches can live for a few months through to a few years, based on their species. However, they do not live for decades. 

The Most Important Fact Everyone Should Remember Is That Cockroaches Are Pesky Insects You Should Keep Away!


It is unlikely that you want to keep the roaches in your office or home for company. Below are some great ways to cockroach removal:


➥ Throw the trash regularly. Cockroaches eat anything, including the trash. 

➥Cockroaches keep looking for food sources. Store food items in properly sealed containers. 

➥ Don’t let kitchen utensils and dishes stay overnight in the kitchen. Wash them to stay away from cockroaches. 

➥ Seal off crevices and cracks by caulking as they are good entry points for roaches. 

➥ Use insecticides for their population control. 

➥ If cockroach infestation has become overwhelming, contact pest control Melbourne experts to help!

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