Termites are small but enormous wood-munching creatures. They can easily wreak havoc on a house. Though they are small, you should not underestimate them. Whether you own a commercial building or are a homeowner, the idea of termites chomping your precious abode can send shivers down your spine. Unfortunately, once they arrive, you cannot do much to make them leave. Most probably, it will take a professional termite control Melbourne process to help you get rid of them. 

What Is Termite Control Melbourne?

Termite control refers to the procedure of identifying termite species, locating their nests, and choosing the best termite removal methods. It is important to use a combination of advanced and regular inspection methods in the infested areas. To prevent a termite infestation, experts recommend homes with resistant or treated timber, to install physical and chemical barriers to eliminate potential problems. 

If you find damaged timbers or live termites, don’t disturb the infected area. Don’t even use insecticides or sprays to get rid of termites. Termites get relocated if disturbed and you may not be able to relocate them until further noticeable damage is done. 

Signs You Need Termite Control Melbourne

A termite infestation can be hard to detect. However, there are some signs you should look for during termite inspections Melbourne. They include: 

Discarded Wings

When termites mate, they are known to shed their wings. Often discarded wings are found near doorways or windowsills.  

Mud Tubes 

Mud tubes are used by termites to travel from their nest to the food source. The tubes are generally found on a building’s exterior and are about a pencil’s width. 

Wood Damage 

Termites generally feed on wood. They can cause damage to wood structures over time. You should look for wood that sounds hollow, hollowed-out wood, or blistered or discolored wood. 

Termites are among the most destructive creatures. They feed on cellulose found in paper and wood products during spring. Once you experience a termite infestation, it cannot be controlled with DIY methods. A professional and skilled pest control company can evaluate the damage and provide a suitable action plan. Now that you know the signs of termites, let us have a look at why termite control is important. 

Importance of Termite Pest Control

Termite control is vital for homes and commercial properties because of the structural damage termites can cause. You should contact the experts for termite treatment Melbourne the moment you notice a termite infestation. Read on to find out why termite control is important for you: 

Prevention of Property Damage 

Termites can damage a property silently since they are hard to spot. The damage sometimes can be devastating. They feed on paper and wood products. By the time you discover a termite infestation in your house, the damage can become significant. So, regular termite inspection by trained experts can help control termites. 

Health Concerns and Safety Issues 

When termites bite, crawl, or chew wood, mold is dispersed. This mold may cause several types of health issues. You can catch allergies, skin diseases, toxicity, and fungal infections. It can trigger asthma as well. Termites can also cause structural damage to properties that may result in injuries and accidents. So, it is good to get a routine termite inspection service for early detection. 

Property Value Protection

If you’re planning to rent or sell your property, it is vital to protect its market value. A termite infestation can decrease the market value of your property. No potential buyer is interested in investing in a property with a termite infestation history. Your property may not even go on rent as nobody wants their furniture and wooden belongings to get damaged. Many people avoid living in properties infested by termites as they consider them to be unlucky. Therefore, getting a property inspected regularly for termite infestation is vital along with getting rodent control Melbourne. 


Compensating for damages caused by termites can cost you a lot. Termites can not only destroy your furniture, but can also damage your cash, clothes, and documents. Some termite species can even eat your electric wiring. The cost of replacing damaged wood, structural repairs, and purchasing new furniture will usually be more than that of what a termite control service will cost. Regular termite inspection and specialized termite control services are what can help you in early detection. They can save you from serious damages and repair costs. 

Termite Infestation Prevention 

Termite infestation prevention is vital to protect a property from severe damage. Below are some tips to prevent a termite infestation: 

Seal Crevices and Cracks 

Termites can enter a house through the smallest cracks. So, ensure to seal all openings.

Reduce Moisture 

Termites get attracted to moist environments. Eliminate any moisture sources and standing water. 

Use Termite-Resistant Construction Materials 

When building new homes or carrying out renovations, ensure to use termite-resistant material only. 

Professional Help 

Call termite control Melbourne experts immediately to make sure that you stay safe from infestations.  


Termites are known as serious pests that cause significant damage to your property. Once you identify the termite infestation signs, you can take preventative measures to control them and protect your property from damage. If you think you’ve had a termite infestation, contact a professional commercial pest control or residential pest control company immediately. An expert can offer various termite control options to help you stay away from termites.

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